About David J Thompson

Pen and InkThis Blog was created by David J Thompson. David is an independent transport planner who has worked for engineering consultancies and local authorities since he completed his MSc in Transportation and Traffic Planning at the University of Birmingham in 1984.

David started his own company – DJT Transport Planning Consultancy Ltd – in autumn 2009. He is based in North West London.

David has skills in many technical areas including:

  • design, planning and management of travel surveys
  • analysis and interpretation of travel surveys
  • problem identification
  • development and sifting of transport interventions
  • transport modelling
  • transport appraisal (including transport economics)
  • business case development
  • traffic and revenue forecasting for toll roads
  • transport assessments for new developments.

Although no longer a ‘hands-on’ modeller, David has a good knowledge of many software packages including, those used for strategic multi-modal modelling:

  • EMME

those used for tactical traffic modelling:


traffic micro-simulation models:


models of pedestrian behaviour:


cost-benefit analysis software:

  • COBA
  • TUBA

and software for accessibility modelling:


David has long been involved in staff training and development.

In addition to his UK experience, David has worked on projects in Western and Eastern Europe, Africa, and South East Asia.


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